Secret Mojo Dumbs It Down for You

July 5, 2006

How Fate Works

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As I sat down to write the first of my posts, I thought, “hell, what am I, like the fourteen billionth blogger out there? What’s the point?” But then, I was given a sign.

Something exploded behind me.

You heard me right. As I squiggled my butt in my chair trying to eke out something worthy, something groundbreaking, yet was besieged by doubt of how stupid the venture was, a couple of M-80s and a roman candle thunderclapped behind my back, making the most heroic noise I have heard in perhaps a year.

So I turned around. How dare these peace disturbers destroy my train of thought. Where were these hoodlums?

But just then, my retinas caught sight of the most beautiful blooming of sparkling colored lights. Was I hallucinating? Were trees exploding? Had the end of the world come?

Or: was I given a sign?

“Type, you bastard,” these exploding cheerleaders seemed to say. I spun back to face the computer screen and began typing. Like the 1812 overture, each word provoked its own explosion; I was in dreamland or perhaps a movie, where everything is punctuated by flying debris. So I typed “As.” WHAM! “I” WHAM, BLAM!

And I was on my way to a first post.

Some people never receive visions like this. They’ll spend their whole lives without revelation. But today, I was blessed: wherever they came from, for whatever reason, these crackling booms told me in no uncertain terms: “Yes, you can dumb it down for them. If anybody knows dumb, you do!”

Therefore, on July 4th, let it be known that Secret Mojo started his WordPress blog. If you choose to celebrate the event with fireworks, I won’t mind. I’ll just smile when I hear them, and know they are for me.


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