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July 12, 2006

CBS News pleads insanity for Haditha rape/murder

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CBS News ran a report today questioning how honorably discharged Steven Green, one of the group soldiers accused of raping an Iraqi girl and setting her and her family on fire “with a serious psychiatric problem” could be let into the army in the first place. Sorry, no CBS News link yet, but if you’d like to taste the flavor of their ridiculous slant, you can try here.

This is fake criticism, fake investigative journalism; just fake all around.

I should tell you why, shouldn’t I? But I’m confident that you already have the acumen and curiosity about the world to know that this was a group act (the number is at least four, not one), that it occurred under the context of a war gone bad, and that previously, without a mental disorder—but most likely with a cognizant dis order from high places—prisoners have been soaked in urine, raped anally with any object at hand, forced to masturbate, stretched, dragged by jeeps, humiliated, beat, beat to death, and just plain murdered. Not to mention military decisions to obliterate towns and go on revenge killings.

So to even suggest that Green could be a) the only problem here, and b) a simple mistake of the military screening process, is an insult to my intelligence.

Yet CBS takes ignorance for granted, then puffs up its mighty chest and files an “indictment” of a military bureaucracy that failed to see that this crazy guy was destined to convince three other guys to rape, kill and set fire to some random family somewhere—with or without being handed the lawless impunity created by retaliation warfare and, by the way, the full support of a command hierarchy that will try to blame soldiers’ behavior on insurgents.

By approaching the story from this irrelevant one-man-to-blame (one-military-form-to-blame?) angle, CBS news has done it again: given you yet another excuse to feel sort of okay with a war that continues to create atrocities simply by existing. It’s not the constant fear of being fragged by Iraqis. It’s not the civil war. It’s not that most Iraqis want us gone, or that in the States (and all over the world) the war is highly unpopular with a purpose still being debated 3 years later.

And it certainly isn’t the fury against Arabs sparked by 9/11 and encouraged by our leaders, or that all the war crimes in Iraq have the consistent feature of being “misreported”, “overlooked” , and unattended to by the top brass.

It’s the screening process.

Here’s some wool, can you please place it over your eyes?



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