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July 16, 2006

Israel flips its lid

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Man, you know when Condoleeza starts talking “restraint”, something abominable has happened. No need for footage of 30-story-high black clouds, or pictures of half-bodies with skin scorched and torn. Just two syllables from the former National Security head, and you know it’s bad.

I don’t blog about Israel because my command of the subject is the same command I have for most anything else. Which puts me in about the lower 1% of anybody who talks Palestine/Israel, because once you take a side, you commit yourself to a Doctorate in the matter, gathering 58 years full of facts, down to the most minute detail, of names, dates, peace accords, diplomatic relations, Egypt, Britain, WWII, Lebanon, the entirety of 1967, the omnibus of every opinion written on the matter, the Talmud, the Koran, the Israeli Constitution, UN resolutions, and the actions and mistakes and lies of everyone involved, including allies, generals, privates, construction workers, Rachel Corrie, and all their immediate and extended family.

And other things, of course.

But it’s come to my attention that Israel has flipped its lid. How else can I describe it? This situation is like a husband saying, “I went to the bar yesterday and saw Jimmy,” and his wife kicks him in the nuts, dashes to the next room to grab a lamp, smashes him over the head, watches the blood roll down his cheek, and screams he had it coming, and that he’ll never be able to have children ever again when she gets done with him. Then she picks up a kitchen knife, and eyes his crotch.

Because, really, capturing prisoners, then capturing more prisoners in retaliation has been par for the course for many years in this conflict. Even suicide bombs don’t provoke this level of rampage and abject recklessness in response.

So I can only conclude that Israel has gone doolally. They’ve let the “Don’t you dare fuck with me” attitude become a disability, and shame themselves for it.

Maybe that’s what Olmert wants. To get his Rambo groove on, squeeze the trigger and spray, never letting go until the firing pin clicks on air. Show the world that Israel means fucking business. Cooler heads are useless to those in power, who need an impassioned public to elevate their own glory. And everyone knows that most wars will be supported simply because they exist, “my country right or wrong”, until catastrophe rears its dragon head.

So here we are, apocalypse junkies calling for World War III. Pundits drooling for the involvement of Iran. Human rights groups crying out to prevent a human catastrophe. Syria recently brought into the mess precisely because—well hell, why not? And the U.S., typically, distinguishes itself from the rest of the whole damn world when it alone voted NO to condemn the over-the-top rampage of Israel. All while pleading for “restraint”, sending the check anyway, and getting their monkey boy to inscrutably blame Syria for everything.

This. For three captured soldiers.

Fucking. Nuts.


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