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July 19, 2006

My man Anton

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So here’s a classic by Master Anton.

Every time I read and re-read Chekhov, my ego gets an ugly look at itself. Here I am, compensating for a limited imagination with florid narrative, rhythm tricks, and far too much use of the em dash, while Anton has the smooth confidence to tell it like it is, plainly. So plainly, in fact, that I wonder each reading: where the heck is the writerly part of him?

He’s a lesson to everyone. Stock up on Anton, and find out why pasta tastes better nude. Find out why stretched rhetoric (grand, idealistic, and phrased in absolutes) is just mayo to hide the cardboard taste of the chips. Discover the kind of humility that does not mean “know thy place,” but rather “I am clever, but never, it seems, cleverer than the world.” Let Anton show you how that last time you banged the table and shook your fist in the air proved you an ass. Yet, he won’t call you an ass; through his example you’ll surmise it on your own.

And finally, rediscover what it’s like to enjoy a tale. Not a story, nor a plot, nor a thriller/horror/drama/treatise/”reality” showcase. Walk alongside a couple of interesting fools; we are all humans who may or may not have turned out like this, given a particular set of circumstances. And isn’t that silly, outrageous, insignificant, sad, and sacred?


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