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July 23, 2006

Net citizens better than their leaders at diplomacy

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I cannot make up my mind whether I am delighted or disturbed by an article that tells the tale of Lebonese and Israeli nationals chatting with each other through the ’Net while bombs are falling.

I am delighted, for example, that propoganda has now entered its weakling days. It is very difficult to demonize an enemy when your countrymen are chatting with them on forum boards. It’s near impossible to lie or even downplay anything as well; for sure you will have “enemy” citizens telling it like it is to people on the other side of the border who trust them:

Goldman described one experience in which she was sitting at her Tel Aviv home sending Instant Messages to a Beirut blogger as he described the sounds of rockets falling outside.

But I am disturbed in two ways. One, that those with the guns and the tanks and the bombs are frighteningly less competent than their citizens when it comes to fashioning ties with neighboring countries. And two, the rather strange acceptance that life goes on underneath the war, with friends from both sides “doing what they do” while the powermongers above them, like angry Roman gods, crack thunder in the sky in a theater of death, which, to the war-weary, ultimately gets a collective yawn:

Like her own friends, most Lebanese teens did not appear willing to let their social lives come to a halt just because a war happened to be going on.

I’m all for dialogue, and making the best of a bad situation, but for some reason, this creeps me out.


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  1. Fascinating. I’ve never talked to any anonymous Middle Easterners online before, so I can’t relate, but it’s certainly proof that we’ve entered an new age of politics and social lives. Must make things frustrating for that Southern kid we’ve got planted in the Oval Office, I’m thinking. Who do you side with? Do you think American citizens should make a point of not fraternizing with the national enemy? Or do you think we should just accept this as the look of war in the twenty-first century? I’m all for progress, myself.

    Comment by Emily — July 23, 2006 @ 9:24 pm | Reply

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