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August 5, 2006

the loss of stars

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I stood in one place forever ago, mesmerized. I cranked my neck until vertebrae touched, and flipped a headswitch, sending feelers from my eyes. I touched the stars, or rather, they touched me. Milky band of galaxy sequins warned that I was too damn tiny to get a big head. The endless pinpoints conspired to intimidate my being with their never-touchable tease.

But through time, a thousand eras long, I felt the light arise from my right (a small cabin by the shore) and a glow encroach from my left (electric installation at a country feed store). A haze enclosed upon my stars in steps minute and mundane, until the backdrop to the brightest, a ribbon of lustrous everything, rescinded beyond the fog.

But I kept my neck in position, vertebra a vertebra, hoping, wishing, dreaming that the industrial breath that abducted my stars would take a break, get tired and sleep, and in its respite I might find mine: a billion of a billion on my megascreen above.

But damn its tenacity, its industrious foreverness: the haze stayed strong and grew in power. After millions of years of your neck like that, it starts to crimp a bit. I endured the pain that lashed from cowlick to coccyx through the twentieth century, but now, I am.

I am.

I’m tired.

So slowly (the pain is insurmountable) I bend my chin parallel to ground. The Supermall attacks in a bright white flash; I shut my eyes. I return to become the center of the world, with no more warnings from the light of dead worlds ancient. I become righteous and absolute, final and enraged. Unleash war on my brothers like we’re not a collection of ants on an ant on an ant of the universe. Join the petty fight for the death of another, as if the Pleidies could feel the recoil.

I can become big again.

Slowly, I open my eyes. Praise the haze, and walk forward for the kill.


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