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August 10, 2006

Some blogs don’t stage too well.

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Some blogs make for great live theatre.

Others don’t.

Whiskey Bar

KOWALSKI: (screaming at Stella) Factoring in a moderate amount of body count inflation on the IDF’s part, that looks like a 3:1 kill ratio! (three Hizbullah fighters for every Israeli!) or maybe even a bit lower!

Boing Boing

SHELLEY LEVENE: I’ve tried several different ways to play my computer’s MP3s on speakers around the house, but each one fell short in some significant way. Either the wireless range was too short, or it interfered with my WiFi, or the system’s controls and interface were so clunky that it was too much of a hassle to use.



But soft!, What light through yonder window breaks!
USA Today reports that “Congress
Appears ready to slash funding for the
Research and treatment of brain injuries
Caused by bomb blasts, an injury that
Military scientists describe
As a signature wound of the Iraq


TORVALD: (as Nora leaves) Niall Kennedy leaves Microsoft, he announced today on his blog. That’s a bummer.

What’s in Rebecca’s Pocket?

NINA ZARIETCHNAYA: What beautiful stories he writes! Fiction with mathematical plots or subplots can be found here:


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