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August 17, 2006

Google executives to receive sensibility training

Filed under: Humor,Technology — secretmojo @ 11:15 pm

The estate of Milton Sirotta, who at nine years old coined the term “googol,” yesterday offered to fund sensibility training to Google executives on the proper way to claim a word.

The sensibility training will be held in a facetiously titled “Googolplex” conference room in California, and will include presentations such as “Linguistic Morphology,” “Your Name as a Verb Is Free Advertising, you Moron,” and will end with a retrospective: “What Was a Photo Shop?”

After the presentation, Google executives will be invited to purchase such items as “the color red,” “elbow grease,” and a genuine $10100 deed signed by Mrs. Malaprop and her author, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, which transfers, despite its French etymology, ownership of the word “malapropism” to them.


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