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August 31, 2006

Putting the squeeze on Katie Couric

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For fun, I decided to morph together the two images of Katie Couric that CBS retouched to make her look skinnier (wait a moment after clicking for animation to begin):

My opinion on this matter is “Save a scalpel: use an airbrush.” And, “Will I ever be able to trust the body fat percentage of news anchors ever again?

However, it’s interesting to point out what changes were made. Let’s forget about the color correction, which is standard. There are some neat tricks here if you look closely.

  1. I had to “squeeze” the original photo horizontally to align the morph. So they squeezed her. Squeezing is an easy technique to take off about 5-10 pounds: resize horizontally at about 98%—if you’re bold, 95%—and no one will notice.
  2. The suit was darkened—everyone knows darker clothes thin you out. Also, it hides some of the photoshopping going on.
  3. Her waist was “taken in” a little. Notice how the negative space under her arms change. Also, the production artist gave her a crisper line in general, without the puffs of the suit.
  4. Most interestingly, check out her neck and her head. It’s very subtle. Notice how her forehead gets bigger while her neck shrinks? My guess is that the skew tool, or something like Squizz was used to squinch up her neck. Also: her chin turns into a pointy “V,” her smile gets wider, and her cheeks get a little highlight to give her some depth.

All of these changes, except the facial mods, can be achieved through the clone and airbrush tools.

Basic stuff, really. So if you adore emaciation the same way t.v. people do, now you know how to get there–without the scalpel or malnutrition.


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  1. As a graphic artist, I’ve done this very thing for clients, and you’re absolutely right that it’s pretty basic stuff. I’ve made clients (and co-workers) thinner, younger, prettier, what have you, all for under $500. (Rural market, small product, low, low ad prices). *sigh* Life would be so much easier if I could just Photoshop my imperfections. Oh, and if it came with an “undo” function!

    Comment by Jessica — September 7, 2006 @ 4:07 am | Reply

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