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August 1, 2006

Global warming saves on gas: How to cook an egg

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1 Egg
1 Tbsp Cooking Oil
1 Cookie Sheet
A hot frickin city

First, go to one of the places in pink, or in a pinch, one in red:


If you are in Europe, you can go to any of the cities marked yellow below:


Always check your cooking temperature first:


Lightly grease your cookie sheet with oil, and place it on a level surface outside around noon. NOTE: You do NOT need a grill. I did place mine next to one, but only to make him feel impotent:
Crack an egg onto your cookie sheet, and wait about 2 hours:


DO NOT STAY OUTSIDE WATCHING YOUR EGG, unless you wish to die.

You can salt and pepper as you like, but unless you are stupid like me, don’t eat it. At 99°F, The yolk skin acquires a tough cardboard-like hide, and the whites are —what’s the word?—viscous. Just plain gunky. Perhaps a trip to Heat Wave, Kansas could fix that…
Enjoy the globally delicious weather!


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