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August 24, 2006

Beautiful worlds in a glassy sphere

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The Bargain Professor started a new blog, Marbles. It’s about marble collecting, marble making, marble history, and hosts some fascinatingly beautiful pictures.

I walked through a slideshow of the marbles on his Flickr account, and became entranced. I began imagining each of these swirling globes as undiscovered planets of a miniature universe that I had yet to visit. It reminded me of the end sequence of Men in Black.

Here’s a contact sheet of most of them, but you may want to look at them close-up as well. Beautiful stuff. I wonder how much those puppies cost!

The Bargain Professor also hinted that he may start creating his own marbles from scratch. Something to look forward to. Perhaps he’ll offer his frustrations, techniques, and triumphs of the process of creating miniature worlds…


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