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October 25, 2006

Another blogger to web-stalk

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Dangit. Wish I’d known about Danah Boyd earlier. Now I instantly have a copius backlog of posts I simply must read. Unlike most political/student blogs, this one seems chock-full of information. Raw data, snappy writing, chick heading toward a PhD. If only I had more time…


August 29, 2006

Non-sequitur danger for future historians

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What will the archaeologists of 3051 make of this?

August 27, 2006

Deadliest web page on the planet

Filed under: Links — secretmojo @ 2:57 pm

This “Exciting Links” web page sucked hours from my life. Don’t click it.

(But if you are reckless enough to mouse your life away, try “Guess the Google,” and report back in—let’s say—seven hours.)

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