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August 23, 2006

Two blog changes

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Two blog changes

If you notice the “My Blogroll says…” feed over to the side, it may have ugly question marks where quotes and whatnot should be. This is the unfortunate consequence of switching to FeedBlendr to deliver my blogroll feed. Apparently, WordPress does not encode the titles of feeds properly, so FeedBlendr (and others) munges them in the process.

But the advantage of FeedBlendr is that I can put everybody in the feed. Until now, I used FeedCombine, which kept the titles pretty, but only allowed 10 bloggers the chance to get listed. Since I began using my own blog more and more to follow other blogs, especially via my “Blogroll says…” sidebar, I decided, despite the nasty look of it, to switch. So that’s the reason it’s ugly: so I alone can get my blog fix.

Also, I found that the Akismet Spam eliminator for WordPress does an excellent job of finding opportunistic dorkweeds who think blogs are bathroom stall walls they can write on. Therefore, I’m increasing the number of links a commenter can cite to 10, because I am not a fan of prejudicial computer-controlled censorship (how does linking make someone a spammer?), nor do I like being away from my blog only to discover upon my return that sweet Anna got the door slammed in her face simply because she was trying to help out.

So there are the changes. We now return to our regular brain-burning exercises already in progress.


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